Bowling Leads Email Marketing

The Bowling Leads Email Marketing Platform allows you to leverage our dedicated platform and bowling specific templates to maximize your email results.

Over the past 8 years, nobody in the bowling industry has sent more emails (just last week we sent over 6 million) or directed more visitors to bowling center websites than Bowling Leads. To date we have over 20,000,000 visitors to our sites.

Until now, we've only offered a complete marketing system that includes a mobile-responsive website, which only continues to grow in importance as Google just started moving websites off of page 1 of results if they are not responsive, as well as many other great tools.

We've had many requests to help other centers with strictly their email marketing efforts.

Over the last 6 months, our team has been building our own email marketing tools, similar to Constant Contact, iContact, or one of the other mass email marketing tools.

The problem with these other systems is that you’re in with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other users. If they are sending spam, it will affect your emails ability to get delivered to the inbox.

So, we built our own tool, and the results have been great!

In many cases, we’re getting twice as many emails opened from our cleaner dedicated bowling email marketing system.

Another frustration many centers have had with email marketing in the past, is they always had to remember to do it.

With our program, we write one email newsletter a month for you. This is a HUGE value! Many people with other services would pay $100 a month or more, just for this service, but not with the Bowling Leads Email Marketing System!

What do you get with the Bowling Leads Email Marketing System?

Real Tech Support

We have 24/7 techies checking our support tickets. So, if you’ve been frustrated with support in the past, the Bowling Leads team will help relieve some frustrations.

Monthly Themed Open Play Offers

Graphics for these offers will be designed by our graphic designers. You can use them on your current website and in-center!

Send Your Own Messages

With our program, you also have the ability to send your own messages. We'll train you on how to send additional emails each month or, for a small additional fee, we can send it for you.

List Segmentation

We’ll teach you how to create lists of league bowlers, open play customers, glow bowlers, and more. This is important so you can send special offers just to the right prospects and improve open rates.

We'll also upload your Kids Bowl Free lists for you. 

If you have an email list of current customers or league bowlers, we will upload those for you as well.

Big Bonuses!

We’ll send automated email invites to your upcoming birthday’s on your email list. The offer will include an open play coupon and link to your party page on your website. $79.00/month value!

We’ll give you a template to collect data from your customers. Plus, you'll get scripts to collect data from your customers. One of them will teach your team how to get food and drink orders from customers too. A $195 value!

We will create a custom email newsletter header for your center. No generic template! It will have your logo on it and if you have photos from your center we'll create a header using those images. If you don’t have a photo you can easily take one with an iPhone or any type of smartphone. A $59 Value!

Chose your plan below and become a Bowling Leads Email Marketing Member!

We’re making this service super affordable because we truly believe that if you use the data that you’re collecting from Kids Bowl Free and your other efforts, you can generate lots of new revenue.

Email Marketing 

Up to 10,000 Emails Sends per Month

List Segmentation

Access to our Templates

Access to Reporting Dashboard

Email Newsletter Created and Sent for you Each Month

Account Access to Send Additional Emails on your own

Real Tech Support 24/7


Email Marketing Plus 

Unlimited Email Sends per Month

List Segmentation

Access to our Templates

Access to Reporting Dashboard

Email Newsletter Created and Sent for you Each Month

Full Creative and Design Services for Additional Emails

Automated Birthday Emails

Real Tech Support 24/7


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