The Ultimate Bowling Birthday Party Marketing System

Discover How to Book More Birthday Party Business and Generate New Revenue from your Customers That are Having a Birthday Soon

Step 1

Send personalized emails to your Kids Bowl Free customers with a $10 open bowling certificate as a birthday gift and an invitation to have their birthday party at your center.

Step 2

Send a monty birthday postcard to your database.  This postcard not only includes information on birthday parties but also includes an open bowling coupon.  The goal of this is to get the family to come in even if they don't book a birthday party.  This is a great way to maximize the return of your direct mail spending.

Step 3

Use Facebook Ads to target potential customers in your community with an upcoming birthday.  The Ultimate Bowling Birthday Marketing System will generate leads and additional revenue for your center.

Set up fee normally $497

now ONLY $197

Limited to the first 7 centers that join each month.

Then just $49/month plus 69¢ for each postcard printed and mailed!
(Canadian Centers - $1.50 per piece unless over 500, $1.25 for over 500)

Here's What You'll Receive: 

  • A nice looking bowling birthday party flyer customized with your party information.  You'll see in a minute why we'll be giving this to you.
  • A full color 5.5" x 8.5" (half page) postcard mailed to your upcoming birthday party prospects every month.  Yes you read this right...our team will print and mail a custom birthday card for your center.  It has a birthday gift on it for the child even if they decide not to book a party at your center.  It also has two additional open bowling offers at your center. This card is designed to drive them to your website to get bowling birthday party information and become a lead and/or party booking for your center.
  • You'll receive an online party information request form. As soon as a consumer visits your site and requests information it will show up in your email inbox for you or your team to follow up on. It's important for you to know there will be a $10 discount for your parties attached to this birthday card and also your online information request. If you are not able to offer this then The Ultimate Bowling Birthday Party Marketing system is not for your center.
  • You'll receive an image that you can put on your overhead monitors to let people know about your bowling birthday parties and how to request more information on your website.
  • Optional - We'll run targeted Facebook Ads in your community for individuals with upcoming birthdays.  This will be targeted to young adults and adults ages 13 and over by law.
  • BONUS...You'll get an updated list of your customers from the NCOA each month.  This service alone is worth $49 per month.

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We'll automate the mailing of your postcards from our office without you ever having to touch them!

Pay per piece mailed: You'll pay just 69¢ per postcard mailed. (Canadian Centers - $1.50 per piece unless over 500, $1.25 for over 500 per month)

Let's just say you have 1,200 people on your list.  On average. you would be sending 100 cards a month or $69 plus the membership of $49 per month to get this done for you.  Just $118 to get full color, 1/2 page postcards mailed for your center.  You need just one extra party a month to break even and if you can get 3, 4, or even 5 extra parties, you're making a nice return in your investment.

This is not including any visits from people having birthdays but not having a party at the center.

We've been doing this exact process for our private clients and as part of our Bowling Leads Automated Marketing System over the past few years and now we're offering it as a stand-alone product.


If you'd like us to run Facebook Ads in your community, we'll be happy to do that for an additional $49 per month management fee as they can be a hassle to set up and update as Facebook changes their rules all of the time. Just let us know your monthly Facebook Ad budget. Facebook charges on a pay-per-click basis. We are constantly testing new ads and ways to bring the cost-per-click and cost-per-lead down for our members.

We invest over $3,000 a month on different Facebook Ads for our own businesses and feel comfortable using this data to help bowling centers get actual customers from Facebook. We're not just pitching a theory like many other "Facebook Gurus".

Many of you know that Darin was, and still, is a skeptic of Facebook and the amount of actual customers that can be generated from its platform.  After nearly 3 years of experimenting, we've finally figured out how to actually find paying customers and not just likes or comments.  The good news is that we can test and track results.  If it's not actually working for your center, we can turn it off and look for better ways to invest that money.

So, in a nutshell, you'll pay...

You'll pay a one time set up fee of $297 and then a monthly membership of $49 ($98 if you decide to use our Facebook Marketing efforts). We'll bill your credit card each month for the number of pieces mailed at 69¢ each.  If you decide to invest in Facebook, you'll be charged the monthly budget that you choose.

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