What is Bowling Marketing Solutions?

The Bowling Leads Automated Marketing System allows you to get back to what you enjoyed when you first started running a bowling center and leave the time consuming, ever changing marketing to us.

Custom, Mobile Responsive Website Optimized to Collect Data

So, you’re looking for a website…They aren’t all created equal. Many websites are designed by graphic artists who have limited knowledge of marketing and getting cash paying customers into your center.

BowlingLeads.com is designed to build your business! One tool that you'll receive is a Search Engine Optimized website to bring additional visitors to the site. Once we optimize your website, then we'll use the proper tools to capture data from visitors. Using the data from visitors, we'll build your business by targeting them with specific messages.

Today’s consumer is more and more connected to the internet. It’s vital that you have a great web presence, and that begins with a properly designed website. Your website should be both graphically appealing, and set up to capture information. One without the other is like having a car but no gas.

Custom Designed Automated Marketing Sequences and Strategies

So, you have a website that collects data, but what do you do with it?

Our automated marketing system handles all of the data that is collected on your website. After they receive the initial welcome email, they are sent another customized offer every 21 days. We also automatically send birthday emails to your entire database. Centers love our party follow-up sequence that sends group count reminders, up-sells, and an after-party thank you email.

Besides the automated emails, we also automatically send a monthly newsletter to your entire database, and you have the ability to send an unlimited number of other emails.  We can even create and design those too.

Last Month's Support Statistics...

Number of Tickets


Avg. First Reply (hrs)


During Business Hours

Client Satisfaction


71% of tickets were handled within 1 hour.  85% within 2 hours!

A support team that's there for you 24/7 to get the job done...FAST!

Whether you're looking for a quick change to your website or can't figure out how to sync your emails to your phone, our support team is just a call or email away.  Our support also includes email marketing design and creative services at no extra charge!

At Bowling Leads, we pride ourselves on being there for our members whenever we're needed. It is our goal to respond to every support ticket as soon as possible.  Support is also available via phone and text message!

We analyze our support ticket responses on a monthly basis, so that we can be sure that we're providing the best support to our members.

Support is monitored 24/7 for urgent requests. Non-urgent requests that come in during non-business hours will be handled during our normal business hours (8:30am-4:30pm Central). 

You can check out our actual support stats from last month below. 

"Very efficient when it gets put out on our page. Great people to work with."

Doug Pennock

Plaza Bowl, Clinton, IA

"Who works on a 5 p.m. NYE to get a last-minute client request? Zach does, and I can't be more grateful for his commitment and hard work. Thank you for your continued excellent service that consistently goes above and beyond. Looking forward to a great 2018 with Bowling Leads."

Beth Huffman

BAM!, Holland, MI

"Outstanding service as usual!"

Earl Burger

ABC North Lanes, Harrisburg, PA

Here's what you'll get with the Bowling Leads Automated Marketing System

Data Capture

Email Marketing

Direct Mail

Outside Selling System

League Promotions

Unlimited Tech Support 24/7

Custom Flyers/Graphics

Automated Follow Up

Search Engine Optimization

Automated Phone Calls

Open Play Promotions

Custom Banner Images

Upgraded Technology

Ready to learn more or get started?

If you've ever felt the pain of any of these, the Bowling Marketing Solutions System is your solution!

  • Not Enough Time!
  • How Do I stay Up to date?
  • will it work?
  • hire another employee?!

Is keeping your website updated a constant struggle?

With the Bowling Leads Automated Marketing System, you'll never have to log in and make another website change again.  All you have to do is either pick up the phone and call us or send an email to our support team. We take care of all the technical stuff, so you can focus on running your business.

If you're the type of person that likes to make your own changes, we've got that covered too!  Our website editor makes it super easy to make changes, so you'll never have to deal with HTML or CSS code again!

Our team can also handle all of your email marketing.  Just shoot us a message with what needs to go out, and we'll take care of designing the message.  You'll also have access to your account, if you prefer to do this on your own.

Everyone loves the Bowling Marketing Solutions Automated Marketing System!


Proprietors love Bowling Leads because it provides a proven ROI without a huge investment.  We know what works and what doesn't!


Managers love that we save them time.  No more spending hours trying to make website changes.  We let you focus on the operations while we handle the marketing!


Our system is built to provide sales teams with a flood of new leads.  No more cold calling and hoping you get the right person on the phone. Just follow up on the leads that we provide, and you'll be amazed at the results!


Customers love visiting your Bowling Leads designed website because it's easy to navigate on all devices.  Plus, they can sign up to stay up-to-date on all of your news and events, which is great for you too!

Check out these sample pages from some of our website templates.

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Ready to learn more or get started?