Pour Jet Fuel on your Kids Bowl Free Summer Bowling Program by Sharply Targeting Moms & Families in your Community and Leveraging the Huge Facebook User Base...Without Having to Lift a Finger!

Learn how we can help you grow your numbers by over 43% without having to go door to door!

Here are a couple great reasons to use the Facebook Platform:

  • Generate interest in your Kids Bowl Free Summer Bowling Program without having to depend on your local schools to distribute cards! It's still important to distribute to the schools, but this is a great second media source for your center.
  • You don't have to worry about young students getting your Kids Bowl Free information cards to their parents to register them.
  • Get a head start on your registrations in March and April, which will improve the viral nature of the program
  • More people are looking at bowling as an option in March and April, so we can get them to register early! You'll also be reaching the parents on the couch with an internet enabled device in their hands which will help boost registrations.

My team and I will be creating a series of Facebook ads to drive traffic to  your registration page starting as soon as you sign up and running until the end of June.

What's Your Investment?

There will be a one time set up fee for your center of just $247 which includes $100 worth of ad budget for your center. Next you’ll set a budget for your ads, which we’ll pay to Facebook and charge your center for on a weekly basis as the ads are running. You’ll set this budget, but my recommendation is to budget at least $50 per week, which we also add on a 15% agency fee which includes our credit card processing fee and weekly management and monitoring of your ads for the best performance.

If you're ready to turbo charge your Kids Bowl Free Summer Bowling program, click the sign up link below to get started!